It starts right in the early morning here in Srirangam.

The cackle of vendors, hawkers, religion hustlers and service providers goes right into the evening hours.

The loudspeakers blaring religious music and auditioning singers.

The non stop construction activity of the type that should really take place in a workshop.

Now, they are armed with cheap Chinese made loudspeakers. Compared to previous years, folks have become brazenly bolder and louder.

They disturb the quiet in between the staccato of car and bike horns.

By the time I go to the street to mute someone, they have already caused the damage. 

How do people tolerate this blatant noise pollution?

It is well documented that people that live in noisy neighborhoods have a shorter span of life 

While we can be empathetic towards our fellow humans making a buck, this seems like a large-scale violation of the peace of the other man. 

Perennial wearing of noise canceling headphones in these communities is coming. 

Stop noise pollution in your communities, India. It’s a Silent, hidden killer.