The best game ever played
In Qatar was displayed
Argentina and France
Put the whole world in a trance
Yin and Yang
The game ended with a bang
Messi and Mbappé showed some magic
That they couldn’t share the cup was tragic

Out of the blue came the news
That NASA caused an Earth seeking asteroid some bruise
With precision executed, the head on collision
The whole world cheered in unison

A billionaire was twiddling his thumbs
To the tweet addiction, he succumbs
He itched to move the world more and more right
And bought Twitter at its height.
Musk caused the company some serious breach
In the guise of free speech

The buzz word was inflation, more inflation
Jay Powell couldn’t resist the fixation
Rates they climbed so high
All of Wall Street kept asking why?
Despite the normalization in supply

The title of world’s villain was for the taking
Into the arena stepped in Putin, faking
Ukraine, he ambushed in a special campaign
But Zelensky inflicted on Russia a massive pain
United became the Western front
Supporting Ukraine they couldn’t punt

The GOP over hyped a red wave
To election denialism they became a slave
The bad candidates, the voters never forgave
No one got their result, fave
In the end, democracy we all did save

Most people declared Silicon Valley dead
But they had other plans instead
Out into the world came ChatGPT
A great piece of AI, you must agree
Lensa, Mid Journey and Diffusion AI
In 2023, they will fly high

Liz Truss lasted just 45 days
The bond market didn’t agree with her ways
England gave Lillibeth a long farewell
70 years was a really long spell
Into the void stepped in Rishi Sunak, flamboyant
The T20 trophy made all of England buoyant

Let your news in 2023 be good
So, this life could be withstood
Let peace reign in the land
Plans henceforth make grand
Health and happiness we can all expand

Onto Twenty, twenty three…