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Statue of Liberty and Crowdfunding

Today, we have various online platforms for crowdfunding. These platforms are mostly about individual or commercial projects, not for public projects.

In a recent trip to NYC, it was fascinating to hear that the Statue of Liberty was crowd funded in two nations – France and the USA. So far, I had believed that the statue was a gift from France to the United States. However, it seemed to be a joint effort. The majority of the funding and technical expertise came from France, but America was also on the hook for funding. I have not done any research to determine if this is the first instance of crowdfunding for a public cause.

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College and Entrepreneurship

A friend of mine recently posed this question – “Hey, you work with startup companies. Should a college aspiring student pick a curriculum or stream that would be useful for a startup CEO?” Of course, the underlying assumption is that this student is planning to start a company before or after graduating.

My response was a “qualified” no. Entrepreneurship can definitely be taught, but I would be bored to death sitting through many entrepreneurship classes and coming out with a degree in entrepreneurship. Sure, I am exaggerating, but most entrepreneurs learn by doing. A business oriented curriculum is usually focused on administration (MBA), rather than creation of companies.


Do you love your parents?

I am sure that title got your attention. Don’t worry – it’s not the Buzzfeed’s Top 39 reasons why you should love your parents.

I have been working with several current and ex PhD students from WSU to see what we can do to make aging-in-place a better and affordable experience for seniors and their caregivers (daughters/sons/nurses).

The company recently decided to go commercial, armed with IP and test data from over 60 sites. We invite you to the conversation.

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Car Tech

Technology in cars is all the rage now. Automobile sales are at all time highs and I’m positive the new tech has something to do with it.

We purchased a 2015 model vehicle recently. Compared to our 2009 model that we had, technology has dramatically improved, leading to more fun rides overall. Some observations and wish lists:-


OMG! What have I done?

I am a South Indian Tamil Brahmin (TamBrahm). I have a deep culturally conservative and spiritual upbringing. So, naturally we were shocked when our daughter said she wanted to get a tattoo for her 18th birthday. We initially ignored it for a while until it couldn’t be ignored any more a few days ago.

A few days ago, a thought triggered in my head and I visualized a bit flipping. Suddenly, I was justifying to myself “Why should I not get a tattoo too? It would be a remarkable day to share with my daughter, because we would never forget it”.

The day before was spent in brainstorming ideas – Mt Rainier, Golf Club, some meaningful Sanskrit words (seems very popular now, right?), compass etc.It was also spent in ensuring I would not die of shock or sepsis after the procedure. I checked that we had a solid will. My daughter could hardly be bothered with those things. She was determined.

Finally we decided – a compass for me and the Sanskrit word – Sankalpa for my daughter. If you practice Yoga, you would have heard the instructor say “Now, let us set our intention to practice”. Sankalpa expresses intent in a formal and serious way prior to starting something significant. It took on deeper meaning as she is going off to College, a serious undertaking indeed!

I had her get tattooed first. That was sheer cowardice. I could hear Russell Peters say “Be a Man”, but before he finished that, my daughter was done. Turned out mine was more complicated and being in my left hand, way more sensitive. I had lost the battle but won the war of pain.





Compass Tattoo




I know have some explaining to do to my family, but I hope they love me as much as they did pre Aug 20 2015 🙂

You are reading this at your own risk. Please don’t ask me for advice or come after me if anything goes wrong 🙂 🙂