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Month: November 2017


Surprise A Surprised Cat — Photo by Paul on UnsplashIt was a Friday night party. Our host sprung a surprise by asking us to solve a crossword puzzle that he had created himself that afternoon. The dynamics of the party instantly...

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Friday Letter

Friday Letter Photo by Stijn Swinnen on UnsplashI could ramble on about how the latest crop of on demand home services have been a dismal failure. I was involved in this industry for about one year. We couldn’t convince...

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TV It’s a jungle out thereThe ways we consume video has undergone a rapid shift in the last 20 years. Until some 10 years ago, we watched TV either by using a terrestrial antenna or hooking up a cable set top box to our...

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Getting Angry in a Snap

Getting Angry in a Snap Yesterday, we participated in the worst Yoga class in our experience. In hindsight, we realized we could have been injured. Usually, I cut some slack for instructors as some bad days happen. This was...

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Hope My friend is suffering from Cancer. It’s real sad to hear him describe his physical pain. I wish we could wave a magic wand and have the pain disappear. I hope it’s ok to write this and still protect his privacy. We had a...

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