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Month: June 2019


Libra LibraFacebook plans to introduce a crypto currency in 2020. Lots of reactions including Crypto has finally arrived All we need is now Facebook to control our financial system Bitcoin is mentioned only once in the...

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Habits I don’t feel my day is anchored if I don’t do my morning routine. When I pause to reflect mid day if my day is going well or not, I end up not worrying about it if I recollect that I did my morning routine. So it acts as...

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Weekend of Highs and Lows

Weekend of Highs and Lows Highs — Father’s Day, India vs Pak ODI, Golf, Hayagreevar Dolai Lows — Friend encountering back to back family tragedies, shaking our core. +ve is many of us rallying to their...

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Stock Restrictions

Stock Restrictions Talking to a friend this weekend. Company he works for is publicly traded. ALL employees are prohibited from trading company stock for close to 5 weeks during the earnings window. This extends to a week after...

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Tutoring I have started Math tutoring for two middle school students from Meany Middle school. Don from 4C coalition asked me to help and I am glad to. We did ratios and percentages last week. I believe that 1–1 coaching could...

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