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Month: June 2019


Gardening My landscaper quit suddenly. I hope he is ok, given all the issues around immigration these days. Usually, I would have looked for another one. But this time, decided to give myself a try. Three weeks later, the...

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Deja Vu

Deja Vu Every time I deal with entities in India, a feeling of helpless Deja Vu washes over me. ICICI is number one. The Tax Department is next. I have wasted many many hours last few weeks dealing with these shenanigans. I am...

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SaaS consolidation

SaaS consolidation CRM’s acquisition of DATA is giving a boost to cloud stocks today. Continues to show Salesforce’s appetite for acquiring other companies. It would be interesting to find out how earlier acquisitions, such as...

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Half Marathon

Half Marathon I ran my first half marathon last weekend. It was a satisfying experience. It was the St Jude Rock and Roll event. I started running regularly since November 2018. It was just a small attempt that somehow has...

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Writing Some claim that one has to write every day to break the idle cycle. If I write everyday it may be inane. But who cares, there is too much inane stuff out there on the ether, so adding mine won’t hurt. So, I will attempt...

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