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Month: March 2020


Grateful to be able to do this while many of global citizens are under much stricter lockdown....

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POTW Mar 22-28

The articles that I came across that I found interesting. My picks of the Week. Interview with the head honcho of China’s CDC – Hoping that he didn’t have to give politically correct answers. Given that...

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Waiting forĀ 5G

Waiting forĀ 5G The drumbeat for 5G is getting louder. By early 2020, we should have commercial 5G deployments, although some are predicting for that to happen that by mid 2019. Since 5G requires a lot of interplay with local...

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Our daily life changed for so many of us a few weeks ago. We can whine about all the changes or use it as an opportunity. An opportunity to acquire some new habits. Because we just got some time saved from our day. If you are...

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