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Month: April 2020


A glossary of various biases that we may have. Picked it from a recent workshop and sharing it...

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I was expecting peak traffic on the trail as people try to break out of cabin fever. So hit it real early and it was quite pleasant. Many folks had same idea and we exchanged aha greetings. Run Boy Run by woodkid snuck up on my...

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A potential list of traction channels for your startup business. Some or a combination of these can be used at different stages. The list is not my original, but a compilation from various sources. Let me know if I’m...

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Throwing these questions out there as we ponder the future. We know that this public health crisis...

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First Half – Easy Pace Second Half – At pace for half / marathon Playlist: Atmospheric Calm on Spotify Highlight sub 8:30 for first time in 5th/6th miles

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