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Month: September 2020

Who Got Game?

Gaming is enjoying a hot streak. Even without the Pandemic, the gaming industry was doing quite well. With people forced indoors and schools shut down for most of Spring and beyond, gaming has become a critical entertainment...

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Ain’t a Snowflake

A snowflake is a political insult for someone who is perceived as too sensitive. This post is not about that. Snowflake, the Bay Area company could become the largest software IPO of all time. It starts trading tomorrow. It was...

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I don’t remember feeling this overwhelmed by the news of happenings in the world. Nature: Wildfires, Hurricanes, Droughts, Climate Change. Human Suffering: People displaced due to above, Refugees, People most impacted by...

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Sense of Balance

If you have never experienced vertigo, consider yourself blessed. It’s estimated that 20% of vertigo is due to displacement of calcium crystals in our inner ear. These crystals (“otoconia”) are super important...

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Positive Thinking

I liked this recent one from Seth Godin very much. So I’m reproducing it as my post for the day If your team is up by thirty points at halftime, it’s not optimistic to expect that you’re going to win–it’s a realistic...

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