I had made these predictions at start of 2021. Let’s see how close I came.

COVID daily stats stop being displayed on TV starting in September – This did not pan out. Delta came roaring in April and stuck stubbornly. There was a brief period when the USA did not follow case counts and hospitalizations on a daily basis. That changed when OMicron came roaring in. 3/10

The stock market correct by 10% during the year and finishes the year more or less flat – Not even close. Every major dip got bought with so much liquidity made available by the Federal Reserve – 1/10

Bitcoin goes to a high of $60,000 and stays rest of year range bound between $50-60K – I came close on this one. The high for the year was $66,000 and at the end of the year BTC is at $47K. – 7/10

DJT is indicted on tax and wire fraud but avoids prison in 2021 – The wheels of justice run so slow and the orange man has thrown banana peels in the path of so many attorneys and justice departments. 2/10

A medium-large scale domestic terror attack happens in the USA this happened right at the beginning of the year on Jan 6 in the form of an insurrection attack on the US Capitol – 9/10

USA and Russia exchange brief military hostilities – Ukraine came close to a global hot spot with Russia amassing it’s military on Ukraine borders. It looks like this will de-escalate. 4/10

A third party is formed from a split up in the Republican party – this didn’t formally happen on a large scale. However Liz Cheney, Adam Kinzinger and 10 others would rather be called the original GOP with the rest showing amazing zeal for Trumpism. – 5/10

Silicon Valley as we know it shrinks significantly due to migration out this didn’t happen to the extent I thought it would. The woes of San Francisco and continued COVID has certainly dented Silicon Valley nevertheless – 4/10

Electric Vehicles (hybrid + all electric) reach 20% of market share of new automobiles sold in USAI overestimated the number by a lot, but record deliveries by Tesla at the end of the year show a rocketing demand – 5/10