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Dig Deep

What do people mean when they say Dig Deep?

It could mean any of these things

  • Becoming specialized and gain deep expertise in a few subjects that are truly interesting to you
  • Attacking tough challenges by not giving up easily. 
  • Having well thought out views on important issues, even if it takes time to develop. Having deep views on a few subjects is better than shallow views on a lot of subjects.
  • Creating deeper and meaningful relationships with people that matter. It’s better to have 10 deep relationships than a 100 shallow ones. 
  • Going beyond the immediate and obvious solution to a problem. By digging deep, you could ensure the same problem doesn’t come back. If it does, that you have devised a clever way to detect and mitigate it before it impacts widely

There are likely other dimensions to it. Happy trails finding those!

Habits Inspiration

Chin up

Two words can imply a lot…

It means looking forward.

It means looking another person in the eye while having a conversation.

It means not letting immediate challenges keep you looking down.

It means facing a challenge boldly. 

It means facing the future instead of ducking under it.

It means being positive.

It means your expression is visible to everyone around.

It means keeping your ears and eyes open to read the room as best as you can.

It means not letting the butterflies in your stomach keep you down.

It means being open to and looking for possibilities.

It means being bold to point out problems wherever you are – work, home, other.

It means keeping your eye on the prize ahead.

So, chin up and keep smiling