Love is … when you take a couple of extra deep breaths

Love is … when you get up and run in the rain

Love is … when you don’t raise a finger at the other driver

Love is … when you empathize with another’s pain

Greater Love is … when you relieve another’s suffering

Love is … when you let the other person fully tell a story

Greater Love is … when you don’t interject and tell your own in the middle of theirs

Love is … appreciating another’s success

Greater Love is … appreciating your own success

Love is … not getting angry

Greater Love is … being indignant at unfairness and exploitation

Love is .. finding the interconnectedness of the Universe

Greater Love is … inspring others to find that interconnectedness.

Love is … recognizing multiple points of view

Greater Love is … finding and following your principles despite multiple points of view

Love is … Advocating for yourself

Greater Love is … Advocating for the voiceless


Violent words

We are debating in US Congress to censure one representative and remove his committee assignment. He posted a anime video depicting him murdering another representative. I haven’t watched the video but I will accept the judgement of people who viewed it. The reputation of Congressman Gosar precedes him.

If the Congress is seen as a workplace, the representative would be fired immediately. The punishment needs to act as a deterrent. They need to lose the ability to vote on any issues or bills for at least six months in addition to censure and removal of assignments.

We are in a public behavior crisis. Recent school board meetings have become battlegrounds. We need a U turn on public behavior.


Building during COVID

Over last few months, we have been doing an addition to our home. It will be a studio space for my wife and on top we will have a roof deck. We decided to build the structure on top of the garage. Excited to see it getting completed.

The supply chain issues that we have been experiencing last few months has hit us hard. For our contractor, it was not easy to handle the many changes in prices and labor. Even house paint is in short supply. Construction folks seem to be scheduled back to back and any movement in schedules creates a cascade effect.

Global supply chains sound cool, but when a shock was injected, things fell apart. Building resilience in the chain requires investment in an industry used to low margins. All we have been hearing is a blame game from people sitting behind computer screens and podiums.

It seems like a perfect storm. With tensions rising with China, the USA has to adapt by bringing in more manufacturing in shore. It could mean more disruption and short term higher prices as facilities get built here. It will be fascinating to imagine global trade twenty years from now.

A few years ago, I listened to a startup company pitch a supply chain monitoring and resiliency solution. I wonder how they did during the pandemic.


Windy Day

Around the lake on a blustery day


Airline Tickets

It’s 2021. The first commercial flight happened in 1914. So, we have had 107 years to figure out how to sell tickets on flights.

I dread the prospect of booking an airline ticket. What should be a few clicks is a frustrating maze of choices. rules, policies, runarounds. I’m sure many folks have PTSD after a ticket booking experience. On top of that, you can now squeal with delight if the wait time for customer service is less than an hour. Lucky are the people who can outsource the suffering to a travel agent.

It looks like the financial analysts have completely taken over every aspect of the ticket buying experience. The lowest fare quoted doesn’t mean it’s actually available. Saver, Flex, FlexPlus, Business, First, Cockpit levels boggle the mind. We all sit in the same aluminium tube going from Point A to Point B, yet the wizards have managed to slice and dice that tube into a class system. It makes no sense that the person sitting next to you paid half as much or twice what you paid.

It’s time for a radical rethink the commercial flying experience. While the billionaires have their sights set on space, there is much that needs to be done on Planet Earth.