I had written down these non scientific non rigorous predictions on Dec 29 2021

The Democrats will win a majority in both House and Senate in 2022 midterm elections For a while this prediction seemed to go awry. It was a close call in the end and Democracy seems to have been saved for the moment.
Meta will split itself into 2 or more companies They should have split the company to save the stock from collapsing. It’s essentially running as 2 companies but in the last quarter of the year they started touting their social network skills once again.
Italy will win the World Cup 2022 at Qatar Bombed. Italy didn’t even qualify after they lost to North Macedonia in March
Russia will invade Ukraine Bulls Eye
All said, the S&P 500 will eke out a 4-5% gain Way off. It was down 19.4%. You could hear the hesitancy in that statement.
DJT will be indicted either by NY AG or by the Jan 6 panel. Not quite a formal indictment. DJT was referred for criminal prosecution by Jan 6 panel to DOJ and the NY AG won the case against his company.
Unfortunately, there will be a space tourism flight accident Didn’t happen. I don’t recall any new flights by Virgin, Blue Origin or SpaceX in 2022. Wonder why.
COVID will become endemic. Most lockdowns and travel restrictions will be gone by second half of year. We will be an active testing society Partly correct, but with China’s reopening, risks are rising again.
Crypto will flourish by proliferation in number of projects and new use case scenarios and well defined SEC regulation. Price of major crypto currencies (BTC, ETH) could go up by 20% from start of year levels So wrong on various levels. It’s hard to be right when there was so much fraud and correlation with equities was unexpectedly high.
SPACs will die a slow death. Yes they are indeed dead
EV car battery with a range of 800 miles will be developed Lucid Air claims 520 miles range now. Some claims of a startup testing a battery at 750 mile range but nothing commercial in 2022.


Well, it was a fun exercise.cool