Startup focused | Executive Coach | Business Planner | Investor | Advisor


Carabiner - KrishI had a successful career in Microsoft and shipped over 10 global products. Grateful to have grown with the company. I hold 4 technical patents. After leaving in 2011, I have engaged myself with the start-up ecosystem in Seattle. I have consulted for several startup businesses helping it’s CEOs with product development, business development, growth hacking, hiring and fundraising. In my hands on engagements, I am able to provide immediate, actionable and successful results to CEOs and CTOs.

I spend time investing in public stock markets, mostly in tech stocks, reading a ton of books, long distance running, trying to be a helpful father to my two daughters and cheering on my wife in her Visual Arts business. 

If you are starting a tech business or need a sounding board for issues that you are handling in your startup, drop me a note.