Fund Raising HomeGuruz

Glad to be helping HomeGuruz out

I got introduced to Patrick from HomeGuruz recently. After a few conversations, I felt that I could really help him achieve his business aspirations.

We are mapping the next steps from a technology perspective on how to move from a manual business process to an automated scalable business process.

The traction is palpable. Patrick is on the phone a lot with customers and service professionals. Over the next several months, my goal is to get him spend less time on the phone and more time ¬†planning for the growth of the business. Meanwhile, we need to convince investors to fund the company. The journey begins…



Conference Start Up

Off to TiECon 2014

This will be my first time attending TiECon. The sessions look impressive. The Mentor Connect and Founder Connect programs look promising.

Mikhail – CEO of QuantumVerse is also attending and we hope to talk to as many people as possible about HummingbirdShare

Hope to see folks from Seattle in the event.

I hope to post observations from the event.


Catalyst Fund Raising Start Up Uncategorized

Should you start at least one business in your life?

Until this point, I have not started my own business – creating a product or providing a service or selling anything. Microsoft was great, but do you really take risks there? Bill and Steve took all the risks.

While I have registered a few LLCs before, nothing concrete seemed to come out of it. It was just a way of taking some small tax breaks.

My last 18 months was spent in an established partnership. It was a lot of hustle to convince start-up companies to work with me. Some risk definitely, but still I did not feel I was in control. That is important to me.

This time, it feels very different. 

I have had the opportunity to work with a few CEOs over the last 12 months and I definitely feel the passion and the craziness in their personalities.

I will be doing more of what I think I am good at. Bringing ideas and businesses closer to fruition by being involved. Unblock technical hurdles. Drive business forward. Be a sounding board. Get paid for it, no doubt. Ethics will be my guiding principle. My partners must be happy.

Show a path for the non technologists that business ideas that need software don’t need to be stymied due to lack of technical skills.

I promise to keep visitors of this site and myself updated on my journey. Wish me luck!