Over last few months, we have been doing an addition to our home. It will be a studio space for my wife and on top we will have a roof deck. We decided to build the structure on top of the garage. Excited to see it getting completed.

The supply chain issues that we have been experiencing last few months has hit us hard. For our contractor, it was not easy to handle the many changes in prices and labor. Even house paint is in short supply. Construction folks seem to be scheduled back to back and any movement in schedules creates a cascade effect.

Global supply chains sound cool, but when a shock was injected, things fell apart. Building resilience in the chain requires investment in an industry used to low margins. All we have been hearing is a blame game from people sitting behind computer screens and podiums.

It seems like a perfect storm. With tensions rising with China, the USA has to adapt by bringing in more manufacturing in shore. It could mean more disruption and short term higher prices as facilities get built here. It will be fascinating to imagine global trade twenty years from now.

A few years ago, I listened to a startup company pitch a supply chain monitoring and resiliency solution. I wonder how they did during the pandemic.