A few friends, my wife and I hiked the Havasu Canyon (just outside of Grand Canyon National Park). It was a 4 day, 3 night trip. Descending from the Hualapai Hilltop, we walked 10 miles to the Havasu Campground.

There were incredible sights along the way. Tall, expansive, colorful canyon walls that hold deep stories of their formation greeted us forever. The mules constantly stamping their ownership of the trail. The native faces. An Indian village at the bottom of the Canyon that seemed reluctant to hold it’s place among the hikers. The Havasu falls  – a masterpiece formation nestled in sylvan surroundings that greets hikers with cool waters after a blistering hike.

The Canyon reveals more secrets the longer you stay. Your eyes can’t take enough of the blue green waters colored by limestone. The adventurous climb down a 100 feet ladder, carved by steps, held on by chains to dear life to reveal a heavenly sight that leaves you in awe of Nature (or God, as your inclination may be).

As you meander your way downstream, you start to lose yourself. The Canyon walls get narrower, the greenery gets denser and you begin to appreciate little details.  A pair of big horn sheep languidly chewing cud ignore the chameleon that stakes it’s throne on the sunny rock. The water is cool,  liability trumps sheer fun, yet the mildly adventurous find a way to meld in.

Stars take on a new meaning, criss-crossing satellites and crashing meteors remind us the skies aren’t alone

As a cool rain greets us on the ascent, you look back and see the misty canyon. You wonder. Marvel at your performance. You congratulate yourself on a hike well done.

The mule goes on.  The water keeps flowing. The grid beckons. You connect. Reluctantly?

Some images to go with the words…

Havasu Havasu
Beaver FallsHavasu FallsMooney FallsIMG_2052Chertz