We watched this movie upon recommendation from NYTimes that it was to be delisted from Netflix on Dec 25.

The opening scenes are dramatic. Very soon, we realize that a family of 7 – a father and his six children, of various ages are living a self sustaining life in the woods. Living in the woods, they are home schooled by their father. They have learnt a diverse set of real world skills via training. They are also intellectually curious. The father is not afraid to talk about any topic with them.

The story unfolds in a fascinating sequence and results in the family taking a trip in their own school bus named “Steve” all the way to New Mexico. The bus trip weaves in a number of comedic scenes that don’t feel contrived. The stay in his sister’s house is hilarious and dramatic.

Ben, the father, meets the challenge of his life in New Mexico as he has to deal with his in-laws and a sad situation.

The film has a poignant ending that brings a tear to one’s eye. All the characters have their unique stories in the plot and they shine well.

Looking at this from a parenting angle, one gets many thoughts and questions. How does one talk about topics to children that we think that they are too young to grasp? How does one enable their children to challenge themselves by letting them do tough real world tasks without being perceived as endangering them? How does one persuade others to be open to your life style that gives them a lot of angst?

I hope you enjoy this movie.