When our washing machine left some dirt in my white clothes, I thought it was that “specific” load problem.

This happened repeatedly and I kept ignoring it, but every time I washed white dhotis I would get annoyed because there was some small gunk that would stick.

Today, 3 months from first notice, I am in the process of removing the pulsator cap to see if there’s any gunk underneath the wash plate assembly. Meanwhile a bleach cycle is in process to break the gunk down. I’m waiting on a tool box that magically disappeared from home a few days ago when a close one visited. I’m considering instituting a customs area.

Most of us tend to ignore small problems as they occur either because we don’t have the time to pay close attention or don’t feel impacted enough to try to fix it immediately. This may apply to machines, relationships, own behaviors, health, politics and what not.

It’s not that we need to have an always on alert antenna out for life’s problems. But if we find ourselves attacking big problems that could have been better dealt with when it was much smaller, time to make a serious note of it and re calibrate.

Have a good weekend. And maybe use it to work on some of the small problems that you paid attention to.