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Category: Business

Ever Given

The famous Suez Canal has been blocked to container traffic for about a week now. A huge container ship apparently lost power, drifted sideways in a sandstorm and got wedged on the sand banks of the canal. The container ship...

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Who Got Game?

Gaming is enjoying a hot streak. Even without the Pandemic, the gaming industry was doing quite well. With people forced indoors and schools shut down for most of Spring and beyond, gaming has become a critical entertainment...

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Ain’t a Snowflake

A snowflake is a political insult for someone who is perceived as too sensitive. This post is not about that. Snowflake, the Bay Area company could become the largest software IPO of all time. It starts trading tomorrow. It was...

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Week in Equities Market

Mar 2 – 7 It was a lousy week in the equities market. The positive was that I got to spend half the week in Fort Collins Colorado. COVID-19 meltdown continued. Fed cutting 50 bps didn’t help. That is not going to...

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How about those podcasts?

I am a regular podcast listener. Commutes, walks, waiting, long drives happen often and with the smartphone in one’s pocket, it’s easy to tap into a variety of interests instead of just interacting with a bunch of...

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