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Dig Deep

What do people mean when they say Dig Deep?

It could mean any of these things

  • Becoming specialized and gain deep expertise in a few subjects that are truly interesting to you
  • Attacking tough challenges by not giving up easily. 
  • Having well thought out views on important issues, even if it takes time to develop. Having deep views on a few subjects is better than shallow views on a lot of subjects.
  • Creating deeper and meaningful relationships with people that matter. It’s better to have 10 deep relationships than a 100 shallow ones. 
  • Going beyond the immediate and obvious solution to a problem. By digging deep, you could ensure the same problem doesn’t come back. If it does, that you have devised a clever way to detect and mitigate it before it impacts widely

There are likely other dimensions to it. Happy trails finding those!

Catalyst Entrepreneurship Thinking

The Present

The ability to look forward and visualize the future is a very good skill to have. To excel in that skill, one needs to understand deeply how the present works. It takes time to do that. Talking to experts, consuming lots of written information, performing targeted searches and experiencing something by oneself are some of the ways that one can gain insight into the present. Without a great understanding of the present, it is hard to think about the future and even harder to come to a reasonable assessment of how to change it.

So, we should understand the present in as much detail as one can. If we are going to change the healthcare system, we need to understand the nuances, the details, the player and the ecosystem.

One may say, “Screw it. I know that the present system is a failure, so I am just going to invent a future that will be a success”. Fair enough, but that is a limiting factor. Only by accumulating a wealth of knowledge on a domain, does one get the tools and the skills to change that domain. You may ask “What about the 20 year old’s who are inventing Lidar systems and becoming billionaires?”. The secret is that they recruited experts in photonics to make it happen. You can also collaborate with expertise to up your game.

Catalyst Current Events Thinking

My predictions for 2021

I had written these down on Jan 1 and forgot to share it. Here are my predictions. The terror attack has already panned out unfortunately

  • COVID daily stats stop being displayed on TV starting in September
  • The stock market corrects by 10% during the year and finishes the year more or less flat
  • Bitcoin goes to a high of $60,000 and stays rest of year range bound between $50-60K
  • DJT is indicted on tax and wire fraud but avoids prison in 2021
  • A medium-large scale domestic terror attack happens in the USA
  • USA and Russia exchange brief military hostilities
  • A third party is formed from a split up in the Republican party
  • Silicon Valley as we know it shrinks significantly due to migration out
  • Electric Vehicles (hybrid + all electric) reach 20% of market share of new automobiles sold in USA

Effecting change

For the last year or so, I have had chronic ankle pain. I have tried various ways to fix or mitigate it. Recently, I started looking at inflammation and foods causing inflammation. While I did not do any specific tests to measure inflammation in my body (don’t know if there are any), I decided to try out the TQI Diet. It is practiced and taught by Kathy Abascal from Vashon Island. My wife had heard about it and asked me to give it a try.

The core theory is that our body’s inflammation response is usually not balanced or measured. By toning it down, it is possible to get relief from chronic conditions.

Here is how it works

  1. Elimination Phase for 3 weeks
  2. Balanced Phase for 2 weeks, with reintroduction
Catalyst Conference Start Up

Indoor maps – here we come! is the most recent company that I am advising.’s CEO Will strikes me as a passionate, hard-working and genuine CEO. His mission – Help people find things indoors. Indoors can be anything – your house, whether you are in a conference, an event or in a mall.  Will seeks to transform static indoor maps into searchable, dynamically updatable objects that can be used for many different purposes.

Already, the app is in Google Play and receiving great ratings and lots of downloads.

I can’t wait to see how far this will go.