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Indoor maps – here we come! is the most recent company that I am advising.’s CEO Will strikes me as a passionate, hard-working and genuine CEO. His mission – Help people find things indoors. Indoors can be anything – your house, whether you are in a conference, an event or in a mall.  Will seeks to transform static indoor maps into searchable, dynamically updatable objects that can be used for many different purposes.

Already, the app is in Google Play and receiving great ratings and lots of downloads.

I can’t wait to see how far this will go.



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TiECon 2014

I spent 2 days in San Jose taking in my first TiECon. It was certainly impressive from content and networking point of view.

The tracks were Big Data, IoT, Cloud &Infrastructure, Healthcare, Entrepreneurship, Nexgen Tech Services.

There was a big Exhibition Hall with about 100 venodors.

In general, the attendees were very friendly, very informal and embraced interactions. It was clear that Networking IS a primary purpose of this conference.

Tracks were stellar. I attended IoT, Cloud, Entrepreneurship mostly. I also participated in the MentorConnect session. There was only one session in which a panelist swore 🙂

Keynotes were particularly good.  Rakeysh Om Mehra, Romesh Wadhwani, Shahid Khan connected with the audience quite well. 

With lots of business cards in hand, I am now armed. With some key learnings, it is back to the task of how to guide my partners effectively.

Did get to try Uber twice. I have to agree it is disruptive. Saved me 20% on two trips. Taxi Cab companies need to respond with better technology and competitive prices and not by pressing the regulatory panic button.


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Off to TiECon 2014

This will be my first time attending TiECon. The sessions look impressive. The Mentor Connect and Founder Connect programs look promising.

Mikhail – CEO of QuantumVerse is also attending and we hope to talk to as many people as possible about HummingbirdShare

Hope to see folks from Seattle in the event.

I hope to post observations from the event.