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Category: Personal

Night Patrol

I haven’t written much about my father. This December, it is 17 years since his passing away. We miss him a lot and I hope to record more experiences with him in this blog. Some details are blemished to tell a story. My...

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Love is … when you take a couple of extra deep breaths Love is … when you get up and run in the rain Love is … when you don’t raise a finger at the other driver Love is … when you empathize with...

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Airline Tickets

It’s 2021. The first commercial flight happened in 1914. So, we have had 107 years to figure out how to sell tickets on flights. I dread the prospect of booking an airline ticket. What should be a few clicks is a...

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Talk soon?

I asked my wife today this “What will make you have a second or third chat or meet with a person after talking to them for the first time?” She said that if they share something interesting about themselves she will...

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