Grateful to be able to do this while many of global citizens are under much stricter lockdown.

Playlist featuring Missy Elliott, ‘n sync, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Kings of Leon, Destiny’s Child, Al Green, Backstreet Boys, Young the Giant.

Ready for some carb fueling.



Our daily life changed for so many of us a few weeks ago.

We can whine about all the changes or use it as an opportunity.

An opportunity to acquire some new habits. Because we just got some time saved from our day. If you are the lucky one whose work can be done from home, here are a few savings:

Average commute saved: 30 minutes

Dressing up for work: 10 minutes

Taking kids to school: 30 minutes

Meeting time saved: 30-40 minutes

Granted, some time got added: multiple trips to the home refrigerator; a parent handling kids of all ages at home all day; more screen time reading and responding to COVID infodemic; more cooking because everyone is at home and hungry all the time.

Regardless, this is a very good opportunity to start something new. .

Run? Meditate? Meditate while running? Or running in your meditation? Start a hobby that you have always put off by saying “if only I had…”.

Studies say that people who work from home work longer hours because there is no inertia to getting to your work desk. We are flesh and bone humans, not a gas that always expands to fill up a container.

So, hope you are putting this opportunity to good use. Something tells me this WFH thing is going to be around for at least next 4-5 months.



When life gives you lemons…

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade is a nice proverbial phrase.

Pooja Krishnan, my daughter turned in her final exam yesterday. It was a take home. And you can guess why it was a take home.

Desirous of celebrating her graduation from UW and with the possibility that a formal graduation ceremony may never be held this year, she put together her own ceremony at home.

Without further ado, here is ….

Our dog didn’t want any part of it and decided to remain in the yard.


Marking time

It’s my birthday today.

It’s also my wife’s 50th birthday.

We are unique like that sharing the same birthday.

We’ve known each other for 28 years.

She is a terrific artist. Self taught. Our house is her gallery. Her fame needs to keep up with her talent.

She is also a wonderful mother to our two daughters.

Borrowing an idea from a college friend, I suggested to her to do 50 things this year.

She came back with 50 hikes in 365 days. She has roped me in as well. She has cautioned that she will paint on location. I have to figure something meaningful to do while I wait.

That’s a pace of one hike a week. It can be done.

What that will teach us, it’s hard to predict. But being in Nature is essential for our existence so no learnings may be needed.

Look out, it’s Friday the 13th.



Dental Conversations

I’ve been seeing this new dentist for last six months. We had to schedule a few deep cleanings as she felt that one session would be too long. I agreed, despite the inconvenience of scheduling and remembering multiple visits.

In the first visit, I happened to share with her about my interest in running and that I intended to run a marathon in a few days. She was quite excited.

Over the next few sessions, while rendered speechless, I listened to her travails about running and how she could never adopt it. She intended to walk a 10k event.

No, the story doesn’t have an inspiring ending or anything like that. The moral is that one’s listening goes up a notch if one can’t do anything else physically and just lie there.