Getting feedback from presentations

As startup CEO, you are doing presentations often. It could be fund raising pitches, conference presentations, customer talks and many more. In a 1-1 presentation, it is quite straightforward to get feedback. It is easy to talk to that person after the presentation and get feedback on various aspects.

What do you do if you are presenting to an audience? You could network with folks after the presentation and ask for feedback. I have found that it’s hard to get qualitative feedback in such a setting. There are various distractions such as food and other people and valuable feedback may also get lost if folks simply leave immediately. You want to know if feedback from a few people is an outlier or consistent with the rest of the comments. Most often, it is 3 or 4 people in a panel that’s giving you feedback on your pitch.

How about engaging people while you are giving a presentation? In a recent presentation that I made, the organizer used a service called I am sure there are other such services or tools. After each presenter, the audience was asked to take up to a minute to rate the presentation on various aspects and provide any free form feedback or ask questions to the presenter. They closed the feedback after one minute.