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Category: Start Up


A potential list of traction channels for your startup business. Some or a combination of these can be used at different stages. The list is not my original, but a compilation from various sources. Let me know if I’m...

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How about those podcasts?

I am a regular podcast listener. Commutes, walks, waiting, long drives happen often and with the smartphone in one’s pocket, it’s easy to tap into a variety of interests instead of just interacting with a bunch of...

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Dealing with Competition

Everywhere you see, competition abounds. It’s in your face more than ever because every company has a web site, a Facebook page, a twitter feed touting what they do. What’s an entrepreneur to do? Can he/she compete...

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Creating a Sales Team

A CEO and I recently discussed a sales commission plan for his company. I thought that sharing some of the aspects would also be useful to CEOs who are looking to hire sales people Should I hire a sales person? – It is...

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