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Category: Technology

Brutal Start to 2022 Markets

It has been a brutal start to 2022 in the stock market, especially in tech stocks. Every growth stock in the tech sector has a chart that looks like someone has fallen off a cliff. The sentiment shift has been sudden and what...

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IT Crowd says Hello Car

We switched from a gas sipping mini van (yes, a mini van) to an all electric vehicle this week. We decided to shake up 2020 just a little bit as it waned and bit the dust. No phoenixing there 2020! Fast charging is in it’s...

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Ain’t a Snowflake

A snowflake is a political insult for someone who is perceived as too sensitive. This post is not about that. Snowflake, the Bay Area company could become the largest software IPO of all time. It starts trading tomorrow. It was...

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A Zoom Wedding

Two weeks ago, my niece got married. Congrats to the new couple. The wedding was in Bangalore. The audience was limited and lots of safety precautions was in place. Due to the pandemic, we could not attend the wedding. Many of...

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Waiting forĀ 5G

Waiting forĀ 5G The drumbeat for 5G is getting louder. By early 2020, we should have commercial 5G deployments, although some are predicting for that to happen that by mid 2019. Since 5G requires a lot of interplay with local...

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