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Category: Thinking


Being able to memorize large volumes of religious texts and recite them is a super power. I have been fortunate to observe many folks recite the 4000 verses of Nalayira Divya Prabandham aka the Tamil Vedas without aid of any...

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The Present

The ability to look forward and visualize the future is a very good skill to have. To excel in that skill, one needs to understand deeply how the present works. It takes time to do that. Talking to experts, consuming lots of...

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Owning nothing

A thought experiment. Imagine nothing is yours. You need all these things but you don’t own them. The money you earn. The house you buy. Your wife. Your great children. The glitzy car. The perfect job. Kudos on an award. And the...

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Catch while small

When our washing machine left some dirt in my white clothes, I thought it was that “specific” load problem. This happened repeatedly and I kept ignoring it, but every time I washed white dhotis I would get annoyed...

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A glossary of various biases that we may have. Picked it from a recent workshop and sharing it...

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