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Dig Deep

What do people mean when they say Dig Deep?

It could mean any of these things

  • Becoming specialized and gain deep expertise in a few subjects that are truly interesting to you
  • Attacking tough challenges by not giving up easily. 
  • Having well thought out views on important issues, even if it takes time to develop. Having deep views on a few subjects is better than shallow views on a lot of subjects.
  • Creating deeper and meaningful relationships with people that matter. It’s better to have 10 deep relationships than a 100 shallow ones. 
  • Going beyond the immediate and obvious solution to a problem. By digging deep, you could ensure the same problem doesn’t come back. If it does, that you have devised a clever way to detect and mitigate it before it impacts widely

There are likely other dimensions to it. Happy trails finding those!

Personal Writing

End of an Era

My maternal grandfather Sri R.V.V. Rajan left Bhoolokam (our planet) this week. Significantly, he had turned 100 last year and we believed he was going strong. His Acharyan had predicted many decades ago that he would live to be a centenarian. It was quite prescient. 

I loved my Thatha (aka Sithi). He was a fun person to have a conversation with and to just hang out. 

A conversation matters and sticks with you when the other person is genuinely interested in what you have to say. My grandfather had mastered the art of showing such genuine interest. It came to him naturally. He would ask me about other people. He would ask other people about me and my family. I think it was his way of getting a 360 view. 

He experienced the Indian Freedom movement as a youth.He participated with zest in electrification schemes in rural Tamil Nadu. That work took him to various locations. He would recollect his work at Tamil Nadu Electricity Board with fondness and pride. 

His family owned classy cars and he came to see my grandmother with style in one of those cars for the pre-engagement meetup.

He was a good looking and active man. During most of my middle and high school days, he would bike 3-4 kms daily to visit his eldest daughter (my mom) and bring vegetables from the market. I would steal his bike to take “jolly” rounds around the neighborhood. Initially protective, he gave up on locking the bike.

The challenges of raising a family of seven children didn’t seem to faze him. He went about his life tactically, enjoying the daily rhythm of life. The daily requirements of our sampradaya kept him active and engaged. 

Innately curious, he developed a great memory to people and places. Relationships between people was his strong point. He nurtured and built his own social graph and used that to power his interest and empathy. In a gathering, he was the natural ice breaker.

He visited the United States once and was in admiration of this country. When I landed in New York, he was there and I got to spend a week with him. That was such a pleasant experience. 

In later years, he didn’t let his physical discomforts suppress his positive outlook and continuous engagement. He accepted being taken care of by a non family member.

As I reflect, the change in the last 100 years in this world is mind boggling. As I hold my grandfather’s ever present smile, some human qualities are forever comforting. 

Thank you for everything Sithi.

Personal Writing

Reading the room


What can one write? Everything else seems insignificant when :-

  1. It is THE ripe moment to turn the tide on systemic racism against the Black community in this country.
  2. It is legitimate and absolutely needed to question and change the Policing culture in this country.
  3. The “leader” of this country is turning a blind eye as this country’s soldiers are being sacrificed in war.
  4. The country is so divided about basic health safeguards and misinterprets the concept of personal freedom.
  5. A nurse bemoans that she is seriously depressed during a clinical visit
  6. Seeing so many kind people support a project to make something special for healthcare folks
  7. Scientists know so much about the Virus and are racing to create a vaccine.

Celebrate small victories. Keeping chin up everyday is table stakes.



Oohs and Aahs

See there, See, See !

Cheers of unison close by

Far away

Eerie Silence

I can see the Titanic

The Climate

Come ever closer

Screams of conflict

Up above

I wonder

Do they know ?

Happenings down below

Art by Pooja Krishnan


Looking at Me

Slithering on a bamboo
A sound that I can't hear

A warm body
Frozen cold in it's tracks

Fear looking at me
Can't it see
That I'm smiling