The corona virus (COVID-19) is front page news across the world. Originating in Wuhan, it has now caused quite a havoc in the globe. Thousands of folks in Wuhan province are dead and less than a hundred rest of the planet.

China seems to have effectively shut down and has undertaken extreme quarantine in Hubei province. That has caused a disruption in the global supply chain.It took a while for big companies and Wall Street to realize it. Eventually on Feb 23/24 the market adopted a risk on mode and sold off substantially. But some folks had been warning that the bull market since 2009 was getting too ahead of itself and asked people to raise more cash. I did a little bit of that, but not enough as I think about it on the evening of Feb 25 2020.

Last Saturday, my wife and I attended a rally for Elizabeth Warren. Her debate performance impressed us a great deal and we decided to check her out in person. There was a huge crowd at the Seattle Armory. It was a nice feeling to stand in line with a diverse, peace loving, polite crowd. The “Dream Big, Fight Hard” chants drowned out a guy, who persisted in reading from some religious text, the origins of which I was not curious about. We had to settle for the overflow room and a big screen to watch and hear her. Elizabeth Warren is very articulate, knowledgeable, and a gracious person. As I write this, I am not sure if she will make the nomination, but hope we shall. In a few hours, there will be another debate from South Carolina. Let’s hope her fortunes continue to improve.

Trump visited India this week. I’m really appalled by the over the top red carpet treatment that Modi threw for him. It was big let down.

Meanwhile, Cheers on Netflix keeps us going to bed smiling.