I am planning to cook some dandelion greens today.  Yes, the same dandelion that I’ve “rounded up” countless times every late Spring and Summer from my backyard or swore loudly trying to pull them off the driveway.

Five weeks ago, I shared the start of a diet plan called the TQIDiet. Its sole focus was to identify and eat inflammation free foods to see if that makes a difference to my chronic ankle pain.

I’m please to report successful completion of the 5 week plan. The re-introduction phase provided me quick insights – Dairy is a problem, Gluten not so much, but avoiding it could be beneficial.

You wonder – “Krish, what’s all this fuss about? I would’ve told you to focus on those two first without going through all the rigmarole.” You would have been partially right, but that would have not given me a framework for proper and thoughtful eating.

Has the pain substantially reduced? No. I think it’s going to take time. May be, there is still a trigger good. It’s going to be difficult to identify it. Regardless, it has been beneficial to focus on nutrition and understand bio chemistry of food. I completely believe that High schools must offer such Nutrition courses as electives.

Many people have reached out to me about the plan as well cheer me on. Thank you! I have shared freely the details. I would recommend you get the book here at TQIDiet. No affiliate commissions for me 🙂

When writing earlier about effecting change, I advocated to do it fast and do it completely, without trying to ease into it.  There are scenarios like exercise intensity that one has to ramp up, but exercising 5 times a  week is change that should be started immediately.

Coming to Dandelions, they are the scourge of every gardener. However, this freely growing weed (“crop”) to some, has 7% Magnesium, 6%, Potassium and 32% Vitamin C in one cup. Next time, you see one in your garden, don’t toss it into yard waste. Toss it onto your plate after cooking. Beware of false dandelions.

Happy eating!