Moles have been making big holes in my yard last six weeks. Not wanting to tackle them immediately, I left them alone and assumed they would just leave on their own. It got worse however.

I’ve had this moral dilemma against moles many times in my life. As a resident of the Northwest, it’s a common problem. Tried many tactics to just scare them into leaving, but never succeeded.

However, if the moles decide to camp out just in my yard and leave my neighborhood alone, doubts begin to creep in. If we lived in a big ranch and saw a few big mounds, that wouldn’t bother me. I don’t mind moles digging tunnels underneath, but why the big need to showcase their achievement? That really ticks me off. Other critters are politer.

Not wanting to do the dirty deed myself due to my steadfast moral compass and despite protestations from my near and dear ones, I call a trapper. I know you are muttering “hypocrite” under your breath.

The trapper tells me that new building construction makes moles move around a lot. After a week, we’ve caught one. I am grateful that moles are quite territorial and don’t like to share their space with other family members.