My wife is an artist and we setup a WordPress site for her to showcase her art work. Recently, we did a design upgrade and started publicizing her site a bit more.

Naturally, I was interested in traffic coming to her site in terms of numbers. I installed the WordFence plugin to look inside the web site.

Within a day or so of releasing her site, there were just countless login probes, each trying many variations of accounts. This had me concerned, especially if account passwords were weak.

I watched this over a period of days and the probes continued to happen.

I configured Wordfence to block logins like test, admin and variations of accounts we used to post on the site.

A few days, I decided to only allow selected countries to access the site. Now only about 15 or so countries can access the site. These are countries that matter to her work.

What techniques have you used to secure your site? Any of them not involve blocking countries en masse?