FANG Power

The acronym FANG, as many investorrati (take on Illuminati) know, stands for Facebook, Amazon, NetFlix and Google. FANG performed very well in 2015. For the Quarter ending March 31, companies reported earnings mid April. I wanted to get a top level idea of the numbers put up by these giants. Here is a table for a handy comparison:

FANG Q1 Comparisn + MS/AAPL

Facebook and Amazon hit it out of the park. Their guidance was also stellar. Netflix faces stiff competition and investing heavily in international expansion. Apple came to grips with law of very large numbers and does not have a hit product in the horizon. Google’s Youtube is still growing. The company seems to be spending more to acquire mobile customers.

The strong dollar also impacts earnings, but likely impacts all equally since they are global corporations.

MS has work cut out to re-accelerate growth. It’s a good value stock.