Getting Angry in a Snap

Yesterday, we participated in the worst Yoga class in our experience.

In hindsight, we realized we could have been injured.

Usually, I cut some slack for instructors as some bad days happen.

This was inexcusable. We intend to send our strong feedback to the owner.

Life got better after a good pizza was consumed and good news came out of Virgina / NJ

It was also hard to witness the massacre in SNAP stock. Didn’t own any before the crash.

To come out and declare that you are going to rewrite your software for a leading platform shows a crisis of confidence from it’s leaders. To say you are going to share revenue with your partners means you have lost some swagger. The usability challenge was seen as a quirk, until they couldn’t fool everyone. The massive write down due to spectacles inventory illustrates that even well funded public companies suffer from not paying attention to product market fit. SNAP should make an effort to go international and stop with it’s snobby assertion that users in developed countries don’t get it. I have liked SNAP as a product but its monumental weakness in discovering friends meant I was going to use it only in passing.

FB’s copy and paste domination is complete. I’m rooting for SNAP to come out of its funk and put up a good fight. Maybe a change in leadership is needed.