Until this point, I have not started my own business – creating a product or providing a service or selling anything. Microsoft was great, but do you really take risks there? Bill and Steve took all the risks.

While I have registered a few LLCs before, nothing concrete seemed to come out of it. It was just a way of taking some small tax breaks.

My last 18 months was spent in an established partnership. It was a lot of hustle to convince start-up companies to work with me. Some risk definitely, but still I did not feel I was in control. That is important to me.

This time, it feels very different. 

I have had the opportunity to work with a few CEOs over the last 12 months and I definitely feel the passion and the craziness in their personalities.

I will be doing more of what I think I am good at. Bringing ideas and businesses closer to fruition by being involved. Unblock technical hurdles. Drive business forward. Be a sounding board. Get paid for it, no doubt. Ethics will be my guiding principle. My partners must be happy.

Show a path for the non technologists that business ideas that need software don’t need to be stymied due to lack of technical skills.

I promise to keep visitors of this site and myself updated on my journey. Wish me luck!