I am a regular podcast listener. Commutes, walks, waiting, long drives happen often and with the smartphone in one’s pocket, it’s easy to tap into a variety of interests instead of just interacting with a bunch of apps.

The quality and variety of podcasts has enhanced over the years. Here is what’s on my podcast shelf.


​For news, my go to podcast is the BBC. No one covers global events like BBC does. It provides a unique perspective into lives of people everywhere.

Serial was initially a must-have, but after 4 episodes, it turned out too long and I realized there was no actual end in sight. It is dormant now, but not yet gone.

Pitch is a recent addition. Every week or so, a startup pitches. A investor panel evaluates and votes on a follow-on meeting. I like the format, as it is not all drama like Shark Tank.

TED Radio Hour is just brilliant. With a disarming nature, Guy Ross does a wonderful job. I have sounded so wise since I started listening to this.

Economist is better on the written side than the podcast. Time for it to go, soon!


I enjoy Tim Ferriss’s podcast. He is a great interviewer and is able to attract an eclectic mix of guests. Sometimes he turns the podcast entirely over to a guest, who answers questions submitted to a Google sheet by listeners of the show.

The Dog podcast is a nod to needing to devote both mind and body to the duty of dog walking. I did get some useful tips on how to deal with July 4 fireworks.

I like RadioLabs long form podcasts. Frontline is a perennial classic, although their frequency of podcasts is not too good.


HBR ideacast is definitively awesome. Their recent series on what it means for digital transformation of businesses shows their ability to go deep, analyze an important trend and provide useful insights for the listener.

So many things are happening in the IoT space. This weekly podcast is a good way to keep abreast.

NPR Planet money is a delight. They do short 10-15 segments on finance, economy, business, companies. I have always taken something useful out of every episode.

I like startups for the rest of us. They deal with some useful topics on sales and marketing that one can refresh upon and attempt implementing in one’s own startup.

I haven’t played much of Golf recently and this podcast is to remind me of good old days, where even snow could not stop a round.


Kara Swisher is a dynamite. Her ability to skewer Silicon Valley while in the midst of the action is refreshing. She is great to listen to more than her writing.

Freakonomics should be in everyone’s shelf. I wish I can say they are great. I’ve had more misses than hits.

Happy listening!