How to Hide an Empire

How to Hide an Empire (HTHE) by Daniel Immerwahr is a must read. After Sapiens, this book was hard to put down once started.

If one has the curiosity to understand the USA of today, it pays to read its History. However, History books are dull and could put you to sleep easily. HTHE is an excellent compilation of stories of the United States history in taking over and treatment of various territories, as they used to call them. Hawai’i, Puerto Rico, Guano Islands, Cuba, Alaska, Philippines, history with the United States is treated in fascinating detail.

The book made me very agitated. While pretending to be a Republic the USA has undertaken not so visible efforts to acquire territories. Its treatment of the native population of the occupied territories was especially outrageous. Much of the history has apparently been suppressed. Daniel Immerwahr has done meticulous research to bring the story behind the stories

As an example, I saw a sign at the International district in Seattle. It talked about how Filipinos were welcomed to the USA after USA ‘purchased’ it in 1898. It talked in glowing terms about granting of visas. The account in HTHE was exactly the opposite. Immigration officials refused to grant entry to Filipino artists coming to attend World Fair in Nebraska.

I encourage you to read the book.