When one visits Srirangam, one is primarily drawn to the grandeur and tradition of it’s temple history and culture. One can also appreciate some interesting spots on the island. 

One such spot is the Butterfly park on the southern end of the island. It is connected to the busy streets surrounding the temple via Melur Road. As we wind down Melur Road, we can see green orchards, small hamlets, gentle waters flowing on both sides and a quick relief from the busy town. 

On this Sunday, I decided to do a long run from home to Butterfly park and back. The park is now closed due to the pandemic, but when it’s open it hosts a treat to our senses. Lush green gardens, a biodome, hundreds of butterflies floating freely as well inside a conservatory make it worth one’s while. 

It’s not a good idea to go there by car to take in the scenery. One must walk/run/bike/ there to appreciate it. You can take an auto and make several stops on the way. A peacock may shy away from you upon observing his beauty.