Love is … when you take a couple of extra deep breaths

Love is … when you get up and run in the rain

Love is … when you don’t raise a finger at the other driver

Love is … when you empathize with another’s pain

Greater Love is … when you relieve another’s suffering

Love is … when you let the other person fully tell a story

Greater Love is … when you don’t interject and tell your own in the middle of theirs

Love is … appreciating another’s success

Greater Love is … appreciating your own success

Love is … not getting angry

Greater Love is … being indignant at unfairness and exploitation

Love is .. finding the interconnectedness of the Universe

Greater Love is … inspiring others to find that interconnectedness.

Love is … recognizing multiple points of view

Greater Love is … finding and following your principles despite multiple points of view

Love is … Advocating for yourself

Greater Love is … Advocating for the voiceless

Life is … Love