Last night, we had the pleasure of attending an event at Seattle Art Museum. The Alliance of Angels organized a social, followed by a docent led tour of the MIRO exhibit.

Miro was a contemporary of Picasso and was a painter and sculptor. I liked the sculptures very much as they were unique, detailed, and the use of everyday things to make them gave them an interesting twist.

My wife Jayashree had some good observations as we headed back. She compared Picasso’s evolutionary style to Miro’s consistent style. The evolution of an artist vs an artist who stuck to a consistent theme for a large body of work is a topic, I must assume for art Historians.

It was good to catch up with colleagues and their other halves in an informal setting.

Our director’s comparison of Art work and the work of an entrepreneur was spot on. I had heard a similar comparison in the TiECon keynote by Romesh Wadhwani, where he said “Entrepreneurs are every bit as creative as artists.  They just have a bigger canvas”.

Happy Memorial Day! Through the history of our planet, the powers that be have sent so many people to the battlefield and many never came back. We can just take a moment to remember them.