At Carabiner.IO our name reflects our mission. A Carabiner is a trusted tool for mountaineers and rock climbers that want to make a successful climb to the summit. IO is a popular domain suffix for startups. Put that two together and that spells our mission. Be a trusted and reliable partner to CEOs in their mission to climb to the summit. We do these things and do them well:-

  • Help the CEO navigate the maze and challenge of fundraising, including creating and reviewing pitch decks, pitch coaching, review term sheets and position the company for success.
  • Make business and customer connections that enable the company to make business traction.
  • Guide product development as well as bring awesome technical resources to develop product for any stage
  • Serve as a business adviser to the CEO in an informal partner role. Provide trustworthy advice.
  • Help put together and drive sales and marketing campaigns
  • Serve part-time executive roles in Technology and Sales and Marketing and help hire full time folks when needed
  • In special cases, serve as co-founder depending on the stage and opportunity of the business.

I hope you like our mission and look forward to partner with us. Click on the Contact Us page to send us a note.

Regards, Krish