I had written these down on Jan 1 and forgot to share it. Here are my predictions. The terror attack has already panned out unfortunately

  • COVID daily stats stop being displayed on TV starting in September
  • The stock market corrects by 10% during the year and finishes the year more or less flat
  • Bitcoin goes to a high of $60,000 and stays rest of year range bound between $50-60K
  • DJT is indicted on tax and wire fraud but avoids prison in 2021
  • A medium-large scale domestic terror attack happens in the USA
  • USA and Russia exchange brief military hostilities
  • A third party is formed from a split up in the Republican party
  • Silicon Valley as we know it shrinks significantly due to migration out
  • Electric Vehicles (hybrid + all electric) reach 20% of market share of new automobiles sold in USA