I am a South Indian Tamil Brahmin (TamBrahm). I have a deep culturally conservative and spiritual upbringing. So, naturally we were shocked when our daughter said she wanted to get a tattoo for her 18th birthday. We initially ignored it for a while until it couldn’t be ignored any more a few days ago.

A few days ago, a thought triggered in my head and I visualized a bit flipping. Suddenly, I was justifying to myself “Why should I not get a tattoo too? It would be a remarkable day to share with my daughter, because we would never forget it”.

The day before was spent in brainstorming ideas – Mt Rainier, Golf Club, some meaningful Sanskrit words (seems very popular now, right?), compass etc.It was also spent in ensuring I would not die of shock or sepsis after the procedure. I checked that we had a solid will. My daughter could hardly be bothered with those things. She was determined.

Finally we decided – a compass for me and the Sanskrit word – Sankalpa for my daughter. If you practice Yoga, you would have heard the instructor say “Now, let us set our intention to practice”. Sankalpa expresses intent in a formal and serious way prior to starting something significant. It took on deeper meaning as she is going off to College, a serious undertaking indeed!

I had her get tattooed first. That was sheer cowardice. I could hear Russell Peters say “Be a Man”, but before he finished that, my daughter was done. Turned out mine was more complicated and being in my left hand, way more sensitive. I had lost the battle but won the war of pain.





Compass Tattoo




I know have some explaining to do to my family, but I hope they love me as much as they did pre Aug 20 2015 🙂

You are reading this at your own risk. Please don’t ask me for advice or come after me if anything goes wrong 🙂 🙂