On a tear… Part 1

I haven’t read as much in my life as I’ve done the last 8 months. I look at book recommendations enthusiastically and jump to spl.org to reserve the book in my library. Audio books, e-books and physical books; I consume all versions. I use Overdrive and Amazon Kindle to read e-books and listen to audiobooks. I purchase the physical books only if I believe that I will want to read it again or my family may read in the future.

I think Sapiens was my catalyst. I listened to the audio version of it and that re-kindled my love for reading and in general. Also, I’m not anymore in a time crunched daily work routine that I am able to spend an hour or so everyday just reading.

In no order, here is some of what I have read in the last year. I am breaking this up into multiple postings

Sapiens — History of our species Homo Sapiens, described insightfully in fascinating details 5 Stars

Da Vinci — The biography of the amazing DaVinci, researched in meticulous detail by Walter Issaacson. It was fun to discuss various parts of this book with my wife, who is an artist herself — 5 Stars

Principles by Ray Dalio — Describes how Ray Dalio articulated and used Principles to guide his work in Bridgewater Associates. Worth a read, although found it a tad long. 4 Stars

Hit Refresh — Satya Nadella. Satya has done an amazing job with this book and provides an insightful look into his Microsoft career and how he is changing the culture there. 4 Stars

The Gene — An Intimate History Siddharta Mukherjee. Highly engaging book, Mukherjee is an amazing story teller while weaving in what is definitely a dense subject matter — 5 Stars

The Quantum Spy — A novel with major connections to Seattle, Ignatius weaves a techno and spy thriller with the latest buzz in Quantum Computing. 4 Stars

Girls and Sex — Navigating the complicated new landscape by Peggy Orenstein was an eye opener. With a rich set of stories that she has researched meticulously, Peggy shines a light on what modern day high school and college girls go through as they transition to adulthood. If you have a child in that age group, this book is worth reading and having a discussion. 5 Stars

Rest in the next post(s)…

Happy Reading