Recently, we had the need to clean up our garden. I was not able to maintain it during the Winter months. I called a few landscape companies and got quotations. Then I turned to TaskRabbit, a platform that I use often. I found Mario for a reasonable price and excellent descriptive reviews. His reviews convinced me to hire him ASAP. He did about 8 hours of work on our yard. Performed an excellent job. He told me that the platform provides him with work insurance, which I thought was a great benefit. That prevents churning away from the service to strike a 1-1 deal with the client.

While we all have our complaints about on demand services, it has truly transformed how we discover and hire professionals. Now, these platforms can be truly revolutionary if they can provide more benefits to their gig workers.

Stay safe. Avoid shaking hands for awhile. People will react funny when you withdraw your hand, but they will quickly thank you.