We’ve had a plum tree for 5 years. This year, the insects mercifully stayed away. We harvested the plums and turned it into jam and chutney as a joint collaboration between my wife and I. She researched and did the hard parts while I went shopping and did the hot jam pouring into the canning jars and really tightened the seals.

After harvesting, we washed the plums thoroughly washed. Some vinegar was sprayed on them and then wiped with a good cotton towel to remove the grey coating. After this, the plums had a great shine.

Stuff used in Plum Jam

  • Fruit Pectin (store bought, natural)
  • Canning Jars (available in Safeway/Fred Meyer’s etc). The 8 oz size was a good fit for our needs and we ended up filling about 10 of those. These come with a seal cap and a screw top.
  • Bottled Lime Juice
  • Sugar

I’m not stating all the measurements as this is not intended to be a true recipe blog.

After cutting the plums into tiny pieces (remember to remove the pit :-)), it was pureed in a blender, Then, the puree was mixed with sugar and heated on the stove. After it thickens a little bit, you can add the pectin and lime juice.

Meanwhile, bring a big pot of water to boil as you will need this to do the final sealing for the canning jars. Also ensure the canning jars are super dry.

After the mix becomes relatively viscous (a good thumb rule is to apply it on a frozen plate and check that it doesn’t flow freely, it is ready to be transferred to the canning jars.

Pour into canning jars, seal with the seal and screw top. Now immerse it in the boiling water. You will hear a few pops as the seal becomes airtight. Tighten by hand some more.

Let it cool. Store overnight. Next morning, it is ready to eat with your rye bread.

For Plum Chutney

Puree the plums

Heat Oil. Add Jeera (Cumin), pepper, nigella seeds, anise, white mustard and jalapeno. Add the pureed plums to this mix. Add salt and lemon juice. Simmer with the lid covered. Add some chili powder also. If the mix is still sour, you can add some sugar. Heat until mixture thickens. Store in tight jar.

If you are like me, eating all the plums directly is also a good option.