Throwing these questions out there as we ponder the future. We know that this public health crisis will end sometime in the not too distant time frame. What happens in the meanwhile and after that?

  1. Will our way of living fundamentally change?
  2. Will there be a much wider and deeper acceptance of the climate crisis? Will people recognize that there are no vaccines for receding glaciers and therefore act more urgently?
  3. Will people face massive upheaval in their lives until we find a more acceptable way of living?
  4. Is growth oriented capitalism going to die? What will replace it?
  5. Is our market model (public companies, stocks ) about to collapse?
  6. What will be the side effects of this massive infusion of money into the system by the Federal Reserve? Are we screwing our children by handing over the problems to them when the piper comes calling?
  7. Is there too much debt in the system? Will we move to a less leveraged way to conduct business?
  8. Should we let companies in distress just die while doing only enough to save its workers?
  9. Will we see a resurgence of institutions after relentless attacks on them for last decade?
  10. Will the world become a set of closed countries? Will it be so difficult to travel from place to place that we avoid doing it altogether?
  11. Will authoritarian regimes become more accepted? It has been shown that an iron fist is needed to get people to obey in challenging times.
  12. Will a set of humans decamp to Mars and start a new civilization there?