I was able to get a Rapid COVID test scheduled and done in 6 hours.

My broken lens frames got fixed in six hours.

I can hire an auto in 5 minutes and have them wait for me as long as I want without breaking the bank.

I can have a jeweler come home to deliver an important item. And sitting right beside him in the sofa, I can scan a QR code from his phone and pay him.

I can order internet for home at 3 PM and have it all working by 11 AM the next day.

COVID lockdown? No worries – a high resolution picture of the Lord in his daily splendor comes right to your fingertips on WhatsApp.

These are signs of an India that delivers services rapidly in both the physical and digital world. More and more of the workflow is being done on the phone.

You feel you can get more done in a day than ever before.

Quite a contrast from the USA where any of these could take days if not weeks.

Kudos to India’s spirit. The PM declared Jan 16 as National Startup Day. In a nation of millions of small entrepreneurs, it is a welcome recognition and let’s hope it is all encompassing rather than high tech only.