Our daily life changed for so many of us a few weeks ago.

We can whine about all the changes or use it as an opportunity.

An opportunity to acquire some new habits. Because we just got some time saved from our day. If you are the lucky one whose work can be done from home, here are a few savings:

Average commute saved: 30 minutes

Dressing up for work: 10 minutes

Taking kids to school: 30 minutes

Meeting time saved: 30-40 minutes

Granted, some time got added: multiple trips to the home refrigerator; a parent handling kids of all ages at home all day; more screen time reading and responding to COVID infodemic; more cooking because everyone is at home and hungry all the time.

Regardless, this is a very good opportunity to start something new. .

Run? Meditate? Meditate while running? Or running in your meditation? Start a hobby that you have always put off by saying “if only I had…”.

Studies say that people who work from home work longer hours because there is no inertia to getting to your work desk. We are flesh and bone humans, not a gas that always expands to fill up a container.

So, hope you are putting this opportunity to good use. Something tells me this WFH thing is going to be around for at least next 4-5 months.