It’s a great day when you happen to celebrate your 30th wedding anniversary in your home town of Srirangam.  The reward was a great darshan of Thayar and Perumal at super close quarters, thanks to a Bhattar acquaintance of ours.  We realize how incredibly lucky we have been in our life. A few pictures of the two of us over the last few years on the side.  

We decided to get engaged without even seeing one other. You could do such bold things when the two families knew each other well. We talked on the phone a few times after our parents met. We vaguely remembered playing a game of hide and seek when she visited her grandparents next door eons ago. I guess we took a bet and kept doubling down. Here we are. Thirty years go by incredibly fast in the modern age, I think. I have been privileged to see some outstanding artwork at close quarters over the years. Some tasty food to boot. And being with a person for 30 years who doesn’t believe in lists, prioritizations and pretty much any planning, you try all tricks in the trade until you realize you are the one being tricked.